How Tall Do You Have to Be to Play Volleyball?

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December 12, 2023
how tall do you have to be to play volleyball

The towering stature of professional volleyball players is undeniably eye-catching. It’s often the spark that ignites curiosity: how tall do you have to be to play Volleyball? This question looms large in the minds of many aspiring players.

Seeing tall players dominate the court can be inspiring and intimidating. It naturally brews the question of height requirement, especially when one is nurturing dreams of spiking the ball over the net in packed arenas.

However, the game isn’t just a playing field for the tall. There’s room for the shorter player, too. They can also carve a niche on the court with the right technique and training. The narrative of height in Volleyball is a fascinating one.

We’ll be exploring the average height of professional players, shedding light on the height dynamics in Volleyball. Whether you’re tall or short, understanding these aspects can offer a clearer perspective as you set foot on the volleyball court.

What Is The Average Height Of Professional Volleyball Players?

A Woman Volleyball Player

When one steps into Volleyball, the towering height of professionals is a noticeable feature. The average height in this sport tends to be higher than the general populace, sparking curiosity among newcomers. Unpacking the numbers reveals an intriguing narrative:

Average Height Of A Woman Volleyball Player

The average stature for female volleyball players tends to hover around 6 feet (183 cm). However, some resources indicate a range from 5’11” (180.3 cm) to 6′ (183 cm)​.

These figures can rise, especially based on the position played on the court. For instance, middle blockers often surpass this average height, standing taller among the team.

Average Height Of Men’s Volleyball Player

On the flip side, male volleyball players exhibit a higher average height. The figures oscillate around 6’6″ (198 cm) to 6’7″ (200 cm), with some instances of 6’4″ (193 cm) being noted as well.

Like female players, the position held on the court tends to influence these numbers. Positions like setters and middle blockers usually house taller individuals than outside hitters or defensive specialists.

The height advantage in Volleyball is undeniable, especially regarding spiking or blocking. However, the blend of height, skill, agility, and game understanding truly defines a player’s success. Regardless of height, with the right blend of training and passion, the court is an open field for all to shine.

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How Tall Do You Have to Be to Play Volleyball? Height Requirement

volleyball players in a sports court

Volleyball is a sport with a place for players of varying heights, each position embracing different stature and skill sets. While towering height can be advantageous in some positions, others prioritize agility and technical skills. Let’s delve into the typical player height for different positions in Volleyball.

Libero Or Defensive Specialists

Liberos or Defensive Specialists are the agile stars on the court. They are generally shorter when compared to other positions, with an average height of around 5 feet 6.5 inches (168.91 centimeters) for women and 5 feet 11.25 inches (180.98 centimeters) for men. Agility trumps inches in this position, making it a suitable choice for players not as tall but swift and technical.


The court generals and setters have a moderate height range. For women, the average height is around 6 feet 0.43 inches (183.97 centimeters), while for men, it’s about 6 feet 3.25 inches (191.14 centimeters)​1​. Their height allows a good view of the court, aiding in making strategic sets to attack.

OH, And RS Players

Outside Hitters (OH) and Right Side (RS) players are often taller to power through defenses. The average height for women is about 6 feet 1.67 inches (187.11 centimeters), and for men, it’s around 6 feet 5.55 inches (196.97 centimeters) for Outside Hitters.

Middle Hitters

Towering above others, Middle Hitters have the most imposing height, averaging 6 feet 3.27 inches (191.19 centimeters) for women and a staggering 6 feet 8.86 inches (205.38 centimeters) for men​1​. Their height is crucial for blocking attacks and delivering powerful spikes over the net.

The court of Volleyball welcomes all heights, with each position having its requirements. Whether you’re tall, aiming to be a formidable Middle Hitter, or shorter, eyeing the nimble Libero position, there’s a spot for you on the court.

Can You Play Volleyball If You Are Short?

Being short does not bar you from playing Volleyball. The sport welcomes players of all heights, bringing unique strengths to the court. Let’s break down how short players can still thrive in Volleyball:

Position Suitability:

  • The position of Libero is often seen as favorable for shorter players. This role focuses on defensive skills like digging spikes or shots from the opposing team, where agility and quick reflexes are more crucial than height​.
  • Shorter players can also excel as Defensive Specialists or Outside Hitters under certain circumstances, thanks to their agility, speed, and defensive skills.


  • Shorter players tend to have faster reaction timesgreater ability to accelerate body movements, and a stronger muscle proportion to body weight. They also have a greater ability to rotate the body faster and are less likely to sustain severe injuries from falls due to their lower center of gravity​.

Skills Over Height:

  • Volleyball is not solely about height; it’s a blend of skills, strategy, and understanding of the game. Shorter players can excel in speedagility, and ball control, which are vital for success in Volleyball​​.

Examples of Short Professional Players:

  • There have been instances of notably short players who played Volleyball professionally. For instance, Farhad Zarif from Iran stood at just 5 feet 5 inches, and Jorella Marie de Jesus from the Philippines was just 5 feet tall, yet they made significant contributions to their teams​.

While height can provide certain advantages in Volleyball, it’s not a deciding factor for success. With the right training, strategy, and a passion for the game, anyone can play and enjoy Volleyball regardless of their height.

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What Are The Advantages Of Being A Tall Volleyball Player?

woman holding a ball beside the volleyball net

The realm of Volleyball is one where height can be a mighty ally. Observing a game, the towering figures near the net are hard to miss. Their height often translates into a dominating presence on the court, especially in key positions. Let’s delve into how exactly height plays a pivotal role:


Tall players generally have a notable advantage when it comes to blocking. Their height and extended reach enable them to form a formidable wall against incoming attacks. They can reach higher over the net to block the ball, thwarting the opponents’ attempts to score.

The proximity of taller players to the ball enhances the likelihood of successful blocks. Moreover, their mere presence at the net can be intimidating, forcing attackers to alter their strategy, which could lead to errors.


Regarding hitting, the advantage for taller players is dual: reach and angle. They can reach higher to hit the ball, and their attacks descend at a steeper angle, making it challenging for defenders to dig.

The net height is constant, so the higher a player can reach, the more downward trajectory they can achieve on their attacks. This scenario often leaves the defense scrambling.


The advantage of reach extends beyond the net. Tall players can cover more ground with fewer steps due to their longer stride length. Their extended arm reach can be a game-changer when picking up balls that might elude shorter players.

Whether digging a tough ball or reaching a set, tall players’ extended spatial coverage is undeniably beneficial.

Tall players often gravitate towards the net, where height is a significant asset. The net is a focal point of action, and having players who can dominate this zone is invaluable for any volleyball team. Their height not only offers a physical edge but also a psychological one, as opponents may find their towering presence intimidating.

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Can I Play Volleyball If I’m 5’7″?

Absolutely! The average height for women playing as liberos is around 5’7″, and for men, it’s about 6’1″. However, height doesn’t restrict you from playing Volleyball. Positions like LiberoLibero and setter are suitable for individuals who are not exceedingly tall. Men under 5’9″ and women under 5’7″ can excel in these positions, showcasing their skills and contributing significantly to the team’s performance​.

Can A 5’4″ Play Volleyball?

Yes, individuals standing at 5’4″ can also play Volleyball. The game has seen some remarkable players of this height, like Debbie Green, dominate the court. The position you play may depend on your height, but it’s your skills and dedication that truly define your success on the volleyball court.

Can A 4’11” Girl Play Volleyball?

Certainly! Volleyball is a sport that accommodates various heights. While the minimum height for many volleyball players is around 5 feet, players standing at 4’11” can also participate and enjoy the game. The crucial aspect is to find a position that suits your height and enhances your strengths.

How Tall Will I Be If I Play Volleyball?

Playing Volleyball doesn’t affect your height. Your height is determined by genetic and environmental factors, not by the sports you play. However, Volleyball is a sport that attracts tall individuals due to the advantages height can offer in certain positions. Yet, remember, players of all heights have made significant contributions to the game.


The game of Volleyball gracefully marries height with skill, creating a field where both tall and short players can excel. The towering figures on the court enjoy blocking, hitting, and reaching advantages, embodying an intimidating presence near the volleyball net.

On the flip side, Volleyball celebrates shorter players equally. Positions like LiberoLibero and setter showcase how agility and technical acumen often outweigh the benefits of height, creating a balanced and inclusive playing field.

Volleyball isn’t a game of height but skill, strategy, and teamwork. It’s a beautiful realm where every player, regardless of stature, can carve a niche and contribute to the vibrant spirit of the game.

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