Jason Haldane

Jason Haldane

Volleyball Coach
Hello there! My name is Jason Haldance, and I’ve been a volleyball aficionado for decades. With a player ranking of 601 and a coach ranking of 1,324, my journey in this sport has been nothing short of spectacular. I’ve played as a middle-blocker, and at a height of 203 cm and weight of 102 kg, you could say I’ve got a pretty good handle on the court! I’ve played for numerous teams around the globe—from Canada to France, Italy, and even Russia. Each experience has enriched me and shaped the coach I am today.

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Educational Background

While my hands-on experience forms the crux of my expertise, my educational background also plays a vital role. I began my volleyball journey at Northwestern Polytechnic in Canada during the 1990s. Since then, I’ve undergone various training programs and certifications to keep up-to-date with the evolving trends and techniques in the world of volleyball.


I’ve served as head coach for Mende Volley Lozère, AS Cannes, and Bal Spor, among other esteemed volleyball organizations. I’ve also been an assistant coach for teams in Canada and France. My experience on both sides of the net has given me a holistic view of the sport, which I’m eager to share with you through Volleyball Victories.