Best Volleyballs of 2023: Expert Picks

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December 18, 2023
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Finding the right volleyball can be daunting, especially with the many available options. Drawing from my firsthand experience, I’ve seen many players, both beginners and professionals, struggle with making the right choice. The volleyball you choose can significantly impact your game, from ball control to serving precision. It’s not just about the brand; factors like indoor versus outdoor play, material, and weight can make a difference.

In 2023, volleyball technology has evolved, and brands are constantly innovating to offer the best to players. After putting several volleyballs to the test, I’ve noticed some stand out in performance, durability, and overall feel. But with these advancements come challenges. How do you discern which volleyball is best for your specific needs?

Join me as we delve into volleyball this year, exploring the top contenders and what makes them shine. Whether you’re gearing up for professional tournaments or weekend beach games, I’m here to guide you to the perfect match for your game.

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Expert’s Picks for Best Volleyballs for Both Indoor and Outdoor Games

MIKASA V200W, Volleyball

The MIKASA V200W is not just another volleyball; it’s a game-changer. With its unique 18-panel configuration, this ball promises an aerodynamic design that significantly enhances ball movement. This design isn’t just for show; it genuinely offers players a heightened level of control, making every serve, set, and spike more precise. Drawing from my experience, the “Nano Balloon Silica” technology is a standout feature. Intense matches often lead to sweaty palms, but this ball’s anti-sweat functionality ensures it remains grippable, preventing those unexpected slips during crucial moments.

Having personally played a couple of games with the V200W, it’s evident that MIKASA has invested in quality. The ball might feel slightly heavy initially, but it quickly becomes an extension of your arm, feeling natural as you play. The double-dimpled microfiber surface stabilizes the ball’s flight path and provides cushioned control. Feature setters will particularly appreciate it. However, a word of caution: ensure you purchase from a reputable seller. A few players have noted a slight flat spot on one side, which can affect the ball’s rotation.


  • Aerodynamically designed for better movement.
  • Anti-sweat functionality ensures a non-slippery surface.
  • Durable with a solid feel, it is ideal for powerful hits.


  • Initial perception of being heavy.
  • Possible flat spot issue when bought from certain sellers.

The MIKASA V200W is a top-tier choice for those serious about their volleyball game. Its design and features cater to high-performance play. However, ensure you purchase from a trusted seller to avoid product inconsistencies.

Recommended Use: Ideal for professional players and adults seeking a high-performance indoor volleyball experience.

Molten Volley Ball

The Molten Volleyball “Flistatec” stands out in the crowd for good reasons. Made from polyurethane leather, it’s designed to last. Its waterproof nature ensures that come rain or shine, the game goes on. But what truly sets it apart is its flight stabilization technology.

After putting it to the test, I noticed that the hexagonal structure on its surface minimizes air turbulence, ensuring every serve and spike is on point. The innovative color patterns, a blend of white, red, and green, enhance its aesthetic appeal and improve its visibility during intense matches.

From a player’s perspective, the tacky outer layer is a game-changer. The setting becomes more intuitive, and the ball feels more responsive. However, it does demand a slight adjustment in passing techniques due to its reduced bounce. While it might not rebound as much as other balls, it offers enhanced control, especially during those crucial swing shots. The tactile surface and its unique bounce characteristics mean you can impart more spin, making those roll shots and cut shots more effective. But a word of caution: ensure its authenticity when purchasing, as some have noted discrepancies in color brightness and logo placement.


  • Enhanced flight stability for precise plays.
  • Improved visibility with unique color patterns.
  • Tacky surface aids in better setting and control.


  • Requires adjustment in passing techniques.
  • There are some concerns about authenticity and durability from certain sellers.

The Molten Volleyball “Flistatec” is a solid choice for those prioritizing control and precision. However, always ensure you get the genuine product to enjoy its full benefits.

Recommended Use:

Perfect for professional players and adults who play regularly for indoor and beach volleyball sessions.

Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball

The Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball is a testament to innovation in the world of sports. Crafted with FLISTATEC Flight Stability Technology, this ball promises enhanced flight stability, ensuring every serve, spike, and pass is precise. The premium micro-fiber composite cover feels luxurious, and the nylon-wound construction indicates its durability. Molten’s commitment to quality is evident, with this ball being the official choice for NCAA Men’s Volleyball Championships and USA Volleyball.

Having played extensively with various volleyballs, the FLISTATEC stands out. Its grip is unparalleled, making setting and serving feel intuitive. The ball’s tactile nature ensures that even those tricky roll shots and cut shots become second nature. However, it’s essential to be mindful of its bounciness, especially during passes. While this might be a slight adjustment for seasoned players, beginners might find it challenging initially. A few users have also pointed out its hardness, which, while great for fast spikes, might be something other than everyone’s cup of tea.


  • Exceptional grip for better control.
  • FLISTATEC technology ensures a stable flight.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • Slightly bouncier than some might prefer.
  • Hardness might only be suitable for some players.

The Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball is a top-tier choice for those who prioritize precision and control in their game. Its unique features make it stand out, but it must know its bounciness and hardness.

Recommended Use:

Ideal for intermediate to advanced players for indoor games and professional tournaments. Not recommended for absolute beginners.

Molten Official NCAA Super Touch

The Molten Super Touch Volleyball is a blend of tradition and innovation. With its premium Japanese leather cover, it exudes class and promises a touch of luxury every time you play. This ball isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s built for performance. The uni-bladder cotton-wrapped construction ensures a consistent touch, making every serve, pass, and spike feel just right. As the official volleyball of the NCAA Women’s Championships and the top choice for numerous schools and clubs, it’s evident that the Super Touch is in a league of its own.

After putting it to the test, I found that the Super Touch, like all genuine leather products, requires a bit of breaking in. Initially, it might feel a tad slippery and hard, but with time, it evolves. The grip improves, and the ball feels like an extension of your arm. It’s particularly commendable during intense rallies, where its slight give can make all the difference. Whether it’s jump serving, passing, or setting, the Super Touch delivers consistently, making every game like a championship match.


  • Premium Japanese leather for a luxurious touch.
  • Consistent performance with uni-bladder construction.
  • Durable and built to withstand rigorous play.


  • Requires a break-in period.
  • It’s an initial slippery feel.

The Molten Super Touch Volleyball is a testament to quality and performance. While it demands patience during the initial break-in period, the results are worth the wait, offering an unparalleled gameplay experience.

Recommended Use:

It best suits professional players, adults, and anyone regularly practicing. Ideal for indoor games and tournaments.

Tachikara SV5W-GOLD

Tachikara SV5W-GOLD Volleyball (White)

The Tachikara SV5W-GOLD Volleyball is a blend of tradition and modern technology. With its NFHS approval, it’s evident that this ball is designed for serious play. The ball’s Dual Bladder Construction (DBC) is Tachikara’s latest innovation, ensuring enhanced control, performance, and responsiveness, especially during high-stakes matches. The select premium leather cover gives it a luxurious touch and promises durability and consistent play.

Drawing from my experience, the initial feel of the ball might be a tad deceptive. Some users have reported a slight loss of air during the first few inflations, which I believe can be attributed to the stretching of the leather. However, with a little patience and a few inflations, the ball retains its shape and air perfectly. While it’s a genuine leather ball designed for indoor use, a few users have pointed out minor issues with the panels peeling off. This is something to be mindful of, especially considering it for rigorous daily play.


  • Dual Bladder Construction for enhanced performance.
  • Premium leather cover for a consistent touch.
  • NFHS approved for competitive play.


  • Initial air retention issues.
  • Some reports of panel peeling.

The Tachikara SV5W-GOLD Volleyball offers a blend of traditional feel and modern performance. While it requires some initial patience, its performance during play makes it a worthy contender for serious players.

Recommended Use:

It is ideal for indoor competitive play and is suitable for young players transitioning to professional-level balls. Not recommended for beach volleyball.

Molten VB-U12 Light Volleyball

The Molten VB-U12 Light Volleyball is a testament to Molten’s commitment to nurturing young talent. As the Official Volleyball of USA Volleyball and USYVL Approved, it’s clear that this ball is designed with the budding athlete in mind. The soft, micro-fiber composite cover, combined with its lightweight design, ensures a gentle touch, making it easier for young players to hone their skills.

After putting it to the test in several youth events, it’s evident that this ball is the top choice for beginners and intermediate players in the U12 age group. Its supple nature and forgiving touch make it ideal for strikes and sets. Moreover, the feedback from game referees, who consistently choose this ball over other brands, speaks volumes about its quality and performance. However, while it’s perfect for indoor use, it’s essential to be cautious when using it outdoors. Exposure to rough surfaces like rocks or sticks can damage the ball. But with proper care, including the occasional wash in the sink, this ball can look and feel new for years.


  • Soft, micro-fiber composite cover for a gentle touch.
  • Lightweight design suitable for young players.
  • USYVL Approved and preferred by referees.


  • Not durable for outdoor use.
  • Susceptible to damage from rough surfaces.

The Molten VB-U12 Light Volleyball is a stellar choice for young athletes eager to dive into the world of volleyball. Its design and build prioritize the needs of budding players, ensuring they get the best start in their volleyball journey.

Recommended Use:

Perfect for young players aged 12 and under, especially beginners and intermediate players. Best suited for indoor use.

Wilson Cast Away

Wilson Cast Away Volleyball (White)

The Wilson Cast Away is not just a volleyball; it’s a piece of cinematic history. A replica of the iconic “Mr. Wilson” AVP Cast Away volleyball from the beloved film, this ball brings a touch of Hollywood to your game. Crafted with a durable, 18-panel machine-sewn construction and a synthetic material cover, it promises longevity and consistent performance. The butyl rubber bladder ensures extended air retention, reducing the frequency of inflation.

However, while the ball boasts of its association with the AVP tour and champions around the country, some users have found it lacking in the excitement department. It’s round, bouncy, and does its job on the court, but it might come off as a tad ordinary for those seeking a ball with a bit more flair. Some users have even reported issues with air retention, which can be a letdown, especially given Wilson’s reputation for quality.

Yet, this volleyball holds a special place for film enthusiasts or collectors. It’s more than just sports equipment; it symbolizes perseverance, survival, and deep emotional connections. Whether you’re spiking it on the beach or placing it as a centerpiece in your living room, the Wilson Cast Away is bound to spark conversations.


  • Iconic replica from the Cast Away film.
  • Durable construction with synthetic material cover.
  • Extended air retention with a butyl rubber bladder.


  • Some users reported air retention issues.
  • Might lack the “excitement” factor for some.

The Wilson Cast Away is a unique blend of sports and cinema. While there might be better choices for professional gameplay, its iconic design and sentimental value make it a must-have for movie buffs and collectors.

Recommended Use:

It is ideal for casual players, film enthusiasts, and collectors. Suitable for beach volleyball and recreational play for adults.

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Wilson AVP Official Beach Volleyball

The Wilson AVP Official Beach Volleyball is a game-changer designed specifically for the dynamic environment of beach volleyball. With its vibrant color palette and Optic Flow graphics, players can enjoy enhanced ball tracking, making those intense beach matches even more engaging. The VST color variance offers superior spin detection, allowing players to anticipate the game’s direction and make strategic moves.

Constructed with the same dedication as the original AVP game ball, the OPTX promises signature performance with a fresh visual design. Its smooth synthetic leather ensures a comfortable touch, and it’s built to withstand the rough and tumble of beach games. However, while the ball boasts durability, some users have noted early signs of wear, especially when playing near abrasive surfaces like fences. A few have also raised concerns about its air retention over time.

Despite these minor setbacks, the Wilson AVP stands out for its unique design tailored for beach volleyball. It’s not just a ball; it’s an experience that brings the professional feel of AVP games to your local beach.


  • Enhanced ball tracking with vibrant colors.
  • Superior spin detection with VST.
  • Official ball of the AVP, ensuring quality and performance.
  • Designed specifically for beach volleyball.


  • Some users reported early signs of wear.
  • Concerns about air retention in a few cases.

The Wilson AVP Official Beach Volleyball is a fusion of style and performance. While it might have minor durability concerns, its design and playability make it a top choice for beach volleyball enthusiasts.

Recommended Use:

Ideal for professional beach volleyball players, adults, and anyone regularly practicing on the beach. Suitable for both casual and competitive play.

Mikasa VX20 Beach Classic White – Beast Beach Volleyball

Mikasa VX20 Beach Classic White – Beast Beach Volleyball

The Mikasa VX20 Beach Classic is a volleyball that bridges the gap between casual backyard games and competitive beach matches. Official in size and weight, it offers an affordable alternative to Mikasa’s top-tier FIVB World Tour and Athens Olympic beach balls. The three-color panel design, featuring blue, yellow, and white, adds a touch of style and aids in tracking ball movement during play.

Many players, especially those transitioning from competitive to more relaxed games, have found the VX20’s “softer” feel a boon. It’s gentler on the arms and fingers, perfect for extended play sessions, especially during friendly gatherings. However, it has its drawbacks. Some users have reported the ball becoming slippery when wet, which can concern beach games. Concerns about the ball’s durability and feel have been raised compared to premium models.

The Mikasa VX20 is a versatile volleyball that caters to a wide range of players. While it might not replace the top-tier volleyballs for the pros, it certainly holds its ground as a reliable choice for recreational play.


  • Official size and weight, suitable for various play levels.
  • Three-color panel design aids in ball tracking.
  • It has a softer feel, ideal for extended play.


  • It can become slippery when wet.
  • Durability concerns in some cases.
  • It might feel harder compared to premium models.

The Mikasa VX20 Beach Classic is a well-rounded volleyball with performance and comfort. While it might have a few areas of improvement, its overall value proposition makes it a worthy consideration for beach volleyball enthusiasts.

Recommended Use:

Perfect for adults and casual beach volleyball players. Suitable for backyard games, beach outings, and recreational play. It’s not ideal for professional-level matches.

WILSON Pro Tour – Best Indoor Volleyball

WILSON Pro Tour – Best Indoor Volleyball

The WILSON Pro Tour Volleyball stands out with its distinctive striped design, offering aesthetics and functionality. Official in size and weight, this ball is tailored for players aged 13 and up, making it a versatile choice for various skill levels.

Constructed with high-performance synthetic leather, the Pro Tour promises a superior touch, enhancing players’ ball control and precision. This material, combined with a durable wound carcass construction, ensures the ball maintains its optimal round shape, even after rigorous matches. The ball’s pro-style graphics and upgraded material construction elevate the indoor playing experience, making you feel like you’re competing at a professional level.

However, while the Pro Tour excels in indoor environments, there might be better choices for outdoor play. Some users have noted its susceptibility to getting dirty quickly and potential durability issues when exposed to rough outdoor conditions.

In summary, the WILSON Pro Tour Volleyball is commendable for indoor volleyball enthusiasts. Its design, touch, and durability make it a reliable companion for practice and competitive matches.


  • High-performance synthetic leather for enhanced touch.
  • Maintains shape due to durable wound carcass construction.
  • Striking striped design with pro-style graphics.


  • There are better choices for outdoor play.
  • Potential durability concerns in rough conditions.

The WILSON Pro Tour Volleyball is a top-tier choice for indoor play, offering a blend of design and performance. While it might face challenges outdoors, its indoor prowess is undeniable.

Recommended Use:

Ideal for beginners to intermediate players aged 13 and up. Best suited for indoor play and practice sessions. Not recommended for rough outdoor environments.

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What Makes a Great Volleyball Ball?

In my extensive experience with volleyball, I’ve realized that the essence of a great volleyball lies in its construction and how it complements the game’s dynamics. The measurements of the ball are crucial; it should adhere to the official size and weight as stipulated by volleyball governing bodies. This ensures consistency in play, whether in a professional or recreational setting.

The outer shell significantly contributes to the ball’s performance. A superior volleyball has a durable yet soft shell, often made from high-quality leather or synthetic materials. This shell should withstand the rigors of intense play while providing a soft touch for better ball control and less impact on the players.

The bladder of the volleyball holds the air and maintains the ball’s shape. A quality bladder ensures the ball retains its round shape and stays inflated for an extended period, reducing re-inflation frequency. It also contributes to the ball’s bounce and flight characteristics, making the game predictable and enjoyable.

Lastly, a great volleyball is designed with the player in mind. It should enhance the player’s ability to spike, set, and serve precisely and confidently. The right volleyball can elevate the game, making each play blend challenge and excitement.

What to Look for When Buying a Volleyball?

When on the quest for the perfect volleyball, several factors come into play that could significantly impact your game. Through my journey in the volleyball realm, I’ve honed a keen eye for the elements contributing to a volleyball’s performance and suitability for various play settings. Let’s delve into these critical aspects:

The Outer Cover

The outer cover of a volleyball is your first point of contact with the ball, and it significantly influences grip, cushioning, and the ball’s flight path. A well-constructed outer cover, typically made from synthetic or genuine leather, provides a comfortable grip, allowing for better ball control during spikes, sets, and serves. The outer cover dictates the ball’s responsiveness and flight stability, making it a critical factor.


Inside the volleyball lies the bladder, a crucial component that holds air, giving the ball its shape and bounce. A quality bladder ensures consistent bounce, making the ball predictable and easier to control during play. The bladder maintains the ball’s round shape, ensuring it performs optimally every time it’s in play.


The material from which a volleyball is made dictates its feel, durability, and suitability for indoor or outdoor play. Indoor volleyballs are often crafted from high-quality leather, providing a soft touch and enhanced control. On the other hand, outdoor volleyballs are made from durable synthetic or composite materials that withstand outdoor play’s harsher conditions, including water resistance and other environmental factors.

Size of the Ball

Adhering to the official size and weight standards is crucial for a fair and enjoyable game. The standard circumference of an indoor volleyball ranges between 25.6 to 26.4 inches, with a weight of 9.2 to 9.9 ounces. Ensuring the ball is within these specifications guarantees a standardized play, aligning with the norms of the volleyball community.

Intended Use

Understanding the primary use of the volleyball is essential. Whether you’re engaging in indoor or outdoor volleyball, each setting demands a ball with specific characteristics. Indoor volleyballs are designed for controlled environments, while outdoor volleyballs are crafted to withstand varying weather conditions and surfaces.

Durability and Stitching

The construction method, particularly the stitching, is pivotal in a volleyball’s durability and performance. Outdoor volleyballs often feature stitched panels, enhancing their durability against rough surfaces. Conversely, indoor volleyballs have molded or glued panels, providing a smooth surface for consistent playability. The meticulous construction ensures the volleyball withstands the rigorous demands of the game, match after match.

Investing time in understanding these factors will lead you to a volleyball that enhances your game and stands the test of time. Your choice will significantly impact your volleyball experience, making each aspect crucial in your decision-making process.


Given the myriad of options available, selecting the best volleyball for 2023 is no small feat. Whether you’re gearing up to play volleyball indoors or looking to dominate in beach or pool volleyball, the right ball can significantly impact your game. The material, predominantly leather or synthetic variants, plays a pivotal role in the ball’s performance and durability. It’s essential to consider factors like the outer cover, bladder and intended use to ensure you’re investing in a ball that aligns with your needs.

Moreover, while the list of the best volleyball options is extensive, some names, like Mikasa V200W and Wilson OPTX AVP, consistently stand out for their quality and professional endorsement. As the sport continues to evolve, so does the equipment. By staying informed and prioritizing your specific requirements, you can have the best volleyball to enhance your playing experience in 2023.


What Is a Really Good Volleyball?

A top-tier volleyball is typically one that has received approval from the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) and is favored in professional leagues. In 2023, some standout volleyballs include the Mikasa V200W, Molten FLISTATEC for indoor settings, and the Mikasa VLS300 and Wilson OPTX AVP for beach play. These balls are recognized for their superior quality, durability, and performance on the court.

How Often Should I Replace My Volleyball Ball?

The need to replace a volleyball largely hinges on its frequency of use and how it’s maintained. Taking exceptional care of your volleyball can serve you well for up to 4 seasons. Nonetheless, inspecting your ball periodically for any signs of wear is crucial, ensuring it remains in optimal condition for play.

How Long Does a Volleyball Ball Last?

On average, a volleyball can endure 2 to 3 seasons of regular play. The longevity of the ball is influenced by how well it’s maintained. With meticulous care, it’s possible for a volleyball to last even up to 4 seasons, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Does Water Damage a Volleyball Ball?

Traditional indoor volleyballs, crafted from leather or synthetic leather, can absorb water, making them heavier and more challenging to handle. Hence, it’s not recommended to expose these balls to wet conditions. However, the market now offers waterproof volleyballs made from water-resistant materials, ideal for those occasional beach or poolside games.

How Do I Store a Volleyball Ball?

To prolong the life of your volleyball, store it away from direct sunlight, preferably on a shelf or in a cool corner of your room. It’s essential to avoid areas with high humidity or heat, as these conditions can compromise the ball’s material. A well-ventilated spot ensures good airflow, keeping moisture at bay and preserving the ball’s integrity.

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